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Remote Synchronous Etiquette

Posted Date: 09/22/2020

Remote Synchronous Etiquette






Unacceptable Clothing and Accessories include the following:  

• Clothing with pictures, emblems, writings, or slogans that are lewd, offensive, vulgar,  obscene, provocative, or that convey hate messages or racially, religiously, or ethnically  demeaning messages. 

• Apparel or accessories that depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs or any  other dangerous, prohibited, or controlled substance. 

• Attire or grooming that identifies, condones, depicts, or promotes a student as part of an  unauthorized group, such as a gang or other delinquent group.  

• Clothing or accessories that promote violence, weapons, bombs, illegal acts, or anything  that could be construed as provocative or offensive or otherwise distract from the learning  environment, as determined by the principal. 

• Bedroom attire (pajamas, slippers, etc.) 

• Clothing that is too tight or revealing such as spandex / lycra unless worn with a dress,  skirt, or tunic (using standards that are applied to shorts, skirts, and skorts.)  • Shorts, dress, skirts/skorts that are not at least two (2) inches below knees.  • Visible undergarments. 


• A blank background is easiest to work with. 

• Consider what is in the background of your video. Avoid posters or items in your  background that depict pictures, emblems, writings, or slogans that are lewd, offensive,  vulgar, obscene, provocative, or that convey hate messages or racially, religiously, or  ethnically demeaning messages. Also, those that depict tobacco products, alcoholic  beverages, drugs or any other dangerous, prohibited, or controlled substance, or identifies, condones, depicts, or promotes a student as part of an unauthorized group,  such as a gang or other delinquent group.



Consider designating space in your home to be your “classroom” to prepare subconsciously for your brain to be at school.

- Consider the lighting for your work space. A poorly placed light or sitting in front of a window  will create a shadowy effect. Play around with the lighting prior to logging into the video  conference. 

- Consider your internet connection. If your internet is lagging, consider restarting your  computer and be aware of how far away you are from your home internet router. Please  call 432-229-3113 to speak with the Technology department for assistance. 

- Remember that a video conference has the same degree of respect as a live class. Remain  attentive and participating. 

- When possible, Clear your work area of playful pets or noisy siblings. 

- Minimize background noise by turning off the TV and radio and working in your “classroom” space. 

- Turn off cell phones or put them out of reach like if you were physically at school.


If you are experiencing daily internet issues you should consider returning to the school building so you can have readily available internet access. 

You are welcome to come to the school building everyday if necessary. Slow internet or no internet will not be an excuse for you to not complete your work.  


Dress code is in effect beginning the first day of school for all returning students.  New students to Presidio ISD will have ten (10) days to comply with the dress code.  

When the principal or the instructor determines that a student’s grooming or clothing violates the school’s dress  code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem with minimal disruption to class. If not corrected, a  parent or designee will be notified as the student is dismissed from the class meeting and will be marked absent for that hour. (the 90% attendance rule is in effect.) Repeated dress code violations may result in more serious disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of  Conduct.

We encourage you to participate in the special dress days such as: 

Wednesday - College shirt day and Friday - Blue Devil Spirit