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Orona, Darinka

National Honor Society Vice President

            For my brothers, I have always been the kid that does not deserve what she has; however in my parent’s eyes I deserve the world. I never would've thought to be here, writing about myself for the National Honor Society program, but here I am. My life has been quite a challenge. To begin with, I started my education in Mexico during that time one event changed my life. When I was in third grade, I almost lost my mom.  I believe seeing her struggle and fight to come back to use is one of the most influential moments of my life. In that moment of my life, I started to see the world differently. My beautiful pink world vanish and turn to what the real world was like. I knew I had to become more mature and I had to be on top of things just like my mother was, she made me what I am today. After my mom was back, I lived the best years of my life until my world changed again. From being in Mexico my entire life, at the age of 10, my parents decided to move across the border to Presidio Texas, and then my journal began. When I came to Presidio, I did not know much English, I struggled a lot to become a fluent speaker, I still struggle a bit. However, thanks to my parents and the amazing teachers that I had, I am now able to say that I overcame one of the biggest struggles of my life. I believe I can impact the community by encouraging the newcomers to get involved and explore. To not be afraid to ask, and to continue dreaming, they have the potential to do much more. As a senior, I have many decisions to make such as choosing the college I want to attend, deciding what I am going to study, deciding if I want to keep playing sports, or just focus on school. After a long time of thinking I can say I am planning to attend either Texas Tech University or the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, in either school, I am planning to study Mechanical Engineering. As of right now, I have decided to keep playing basketball. My main goals for life are to become a biomedical engineer, to help people that suffer from an amputee to keep fighting.