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Perez, Arian

            On February the 20th of 2003 I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Which at the age of seven I traveled with my sister to Ojinaga, Chihuahua (where my mother’s family lives). At this point in my life, I changed my main language from English to Spanish. Ten years later, I am now studying in Presidio High school doing my best to practice my English. This change in languages made me realize my interest in math as a sophisticated universal language. Therefore, I am planning to continue my studies at the University of Texas at El Paso where I am going to pursue a major in Engineering. Sadly, I have not decided what type of Engineering I am going to take nor which will be my minor. Yet, I am not worried about this decision because I know I will easily decide once I am exposed to each Engineering. For now,  I consider graduating from Engineering as my main goal so far. My other goals are after graduating from college, such as helping my family financially.

            Currently, I am an active member of Teens in Prevention, NHS, and 4H. I really enjoy being in these clubs due to community service. In my case, I do not do any of my community services to gain “hours.” I like to do it because giving joy also gives me joy (especially in parades). I am aware that this may sound redundant but I have no words to describe the feeling of making someone smile. Yet, I need to lose my bad habit of not registering any of my community services. Being part of clubs is my way of impacting my community since they open me the doors to opportunities for being part of Presidio. Yet, I want to take this to step further with more actions to help my community which is when it needs the most help. Sadly, the covid-19 has set upon us many limitations for what we regularly do.  But, I believe that it is only a matter of time for us to adapt and find more ways of intersecting with our community while following the safety protocols.