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Sanchez, Amy

            My name is Amy Sanchez and I am a senior at Presidio High School. My goals for the future are to graduate within the top 10 of my class while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and to get into any and hopefully all of the universities I applied to. My life goals, though, are to obtain a career that will make me happy instead of just paying me a high salary (or it could be both together). It is genuinely my dream to have a career in psychology to help improve other people’s lives and make advances in the study and field of psychology.  

            The primary university I plan to attend is Angelo State University because I feel it is the one that best fits my academic and personal needs. The city and campus are not too large or nor too small, and it is very calm and serene from what I have seen in my visits to the town. The campus is also extremely attractive and the bachelor’s and master’s degrees they offer include what I plan to study, psychology. The fun traditions they practice, the number of students (around 10,000), and the friendly social environment including both the instructors and students surely influenced my college choice and grasped my attention. The city is definitely more populated and urban than the tiny town I come from, but I would be excited to experience life in a city where they are more opportunities, such as for jobs, and where they have a Starbucks and a Chick-fil-A! My grandparents live only an hour away from San Angelo, so that is certainly another reason why ASU is my top choice. 

            As of now, I am an active member and the treasurer of the National Honor Society. In addition to that, I am an active member of the varsity volleyball team here at my high school. Moreover, I believe I can make an impact on our community as a member of the NHS by contributing my ability to work with others and dedicating my time and effort to volunteer in our community. I feel I can also make an impact on our community by exemplifying a positive attitude and exercising my will and desire to help others in order to improve their lives and the well-being of the community, in all.