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Sanchez, Carlos


            I have many goals in life, I plan to attend college and move on to be an FBI agent in the future, but I can not accomplish that without first being the best I can be in school. Getting straight A’s all through highschool has always been an important goal for me and has always been supported by my parents. 

            I plan to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas, this is because it is a great school where I can pursue a career as a lawyer and use that as a base in order to enter the FBI. I have heard many great things about this University and I have personally been there and I like it a lot.

            I am a member of the athletics program in Presidio High school where I play Basketball and Baseball, and formerly also ran Cross Country, I am also already a proud member of the National Honor Society which I was initiated in last year.

            I believe I can make an impact in the community by helping out as much as possible in any way I can. I always try to get involved in whatever activities are presented and enjoy helping people. I am willing to do any task that the NHS presents to me and I will do it with great pride knowing I am helping people and my group members in the NHS. Last year I attended every event we held and did my best to help out in order to get everything done if needed. Even when it isn’t being part of the NHS  or some other helping organization I always do my best to help the people around me whether it’s by simply opening a door or helping a lady with groceries, there’s always a great satisfaction when I help people. I also believe one day I will be a successful person that will be remembered by many in this small town and will always be willing to help it when it is needed.