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Sotelo, Irlanda


            My name is Irlanda Sotelo Tavarez,  I was born on February 1st 2003, in Great Bend, Kansas.  Almost all my life I have lived in Mexico with my family. For me, to have grown up there was incredible, I can say that I am part of the culture, gastronomy, art, and people. My life changed two years ago when my parents decided that the best opportunity for my future was to study in the United States.

            Today I am cursing my Junior year at Presidio High School, and when I see back I can notice how much I have grown, personally and academically. At the beginning, everything was scary for me, I was nervous about starting from the start and not being able to adapt. 

            With the passing of the days, I made a decision that took a course in my life, I was going to make myself and my parents proud. I open my commitment to activities that make me happy and satisfied. Nowadays I am the team leader of Rocketry, I am part of NHS and I am working at Fort Leaton State National Park. In this journey I also discovered my passion for science, and that I want to pursue a career in that area.

            My goals are going to UT Austin or Rice University, major in Biomedical Science, become a scientist or doctor, and find new research to develop vaccines and new treatments for diseases. 

            I think I can contribute to my community by helping others, get involved as a volunteer, and donate to those in need. Being part of NHS looks forward to participating with the community and providing help in what is needed.