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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted Date: 09/18/2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the 90% attendance rule in effect this year? 

  1. Yes, attendance is taken every period whether the student is participating in remote or on campus instruction. 


Q. Do I still have to send in proper documentation if my student is absent?

  1. Yes, you must provide the school with proper documentation when a student is absent from school, whether remote sessions or on campus. You may mail in a copy of the document, email either by scanning in or capture the document in a photo. 


Q. What are the consequences of excessive absences? 

  1. Your student can lose credit if they have more than 9 unjustified absences for the Fall semester and 10 unjustified absences for the Spring semester.  


Q. Will there be an attendance appeal process? 

  1. Yes, as before Co-19, there will be an opportunity to appeal the absences. The attendance review committee will be having hearings prior to the end of the semester. 


Q. Is attendance during remote sessions mandatory? 

  1. Yes, Students who selected remote instruction only are required to attend the Google meet sessions with the teachers at the correct scheduled time for the duration of the class period. Disconnecting may result in an absence.


Q. Does the video have to be turned on when participating in a remote session?

  1. Yes, the video feed should remain on and the student must be visible during the entirety of the session or may be counted absent by the instructor. 


Q. Will the grades include test and unit assessments? 

  1. Yes, course grades will include regular classwork (coursework and homework), test and quizzes (content mastery) and 6 weeks test ( unit assessments). And there will be a semester final exam at the end of the semester.


Q. Will the grades affect extracurricular activities? 

  1. Yes,  the UIL no pass no play rule is in effect and will be determined at the end of each grading cycle. If a student fails a class at the end of the 6 weeks, the students can regain eligibility at the end of the 3 week progress report. If they are passing all of the courses at that time they will be eligible for play after 7 days. 


Q. Does a student wanting to participate in extracurricular activities have to participate in the On-Campus instructional method?

  1. Yes, as per school board resolution passed in August 2020, any student wishing to represent PHS in extracurricular UIL events or other school related competitions must participate in the On Campus instructional method. 


 Q. Can a student attend school on campus everyday? 

  1. Yes, any student can attend campus everyday at the regularly scheduled times for their grade level, please inform the counselors if you wish to send your student everyday so you can count on proper seating.