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Baeza, Alexa

            I have multiple goals that I am striving and hoping to achieve. Right now my current goals are to do well in school, as well as in sports. I am currently a junior so I know that academically it is a very important year for me, since I will be preparing to apply to colleges this year as well as taking my SAT and ACT. I am working hard to stay at the top of my class to graduate at a good ranking next year. Being that I am a junior this year I have taken a bigger responsibility in sport this year as well. I am currently the volleyball captain making me responsible for my teammates as well. I have really big goals to advance in the playoffs this year, in both volleyball and basketball. 

            I am currently planning to attend Texas Tech University. I really enjoy the school setting and town of Lubbock. This school is one of the best schools in the state of Texas for the career I am planning to study. I want to study medicine in the future. I have always wanted to be a doctor and that is something that really interests me. I am hoping to specialize in either anesthesiology or gynecology. 

            Besides  NHS, I'm involved in athletics which I mentioned earlier. I play volleyball and basketball. Along with this I am also a member of 4-H and participate with livestock. 

            I think I can impact the community by being a leader to everyone. I have good leadership skills developed from sports. I believe that not only me but we as a society can bring a change of positive impact to the community. We are the ones that set the example, and will continue to do so throughout the year. I would like to have our community be more involved and have more Presidio pride and spirit. I believe that we can really work together to getting everyone involved and supporting each other and all the activities we are involved in.