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Rios, Paulina

National Honor Society Historian

            Hello everyone! Hi, my name is Paulina Rios. I am a senior and currently historian at the NHS chapter here at the high school. I consider myself to be a very determined and happy person. I have various goals and one of them is to make our high school a better place. I want everyone to be kind and helpful towards each other. I know world peace can never be achieved, but if we start at our high school we can maybe reach world peace. Another goal of mine is to make everyone I meet smile and feel happy. The world isn’t perfect, but kindness changes everyone. After high school, I want to attend either the University of Texas at Austin or Angelo State University and receive a degree in biomedical engineering or become a pharmacist. I want to create medicine. I am currently working and trying to balance school and work. It’s a fun and challenging way of figuring out how the world works. Like I said in the beginning, I want everyone to be kind and help one another. I want to implement a kindness act in our community where all of us of the community can do small acts of kindness for one another. A happy community equals a better town.